General information

Electronic data exchange has become indispensable in modern business life. It involves the communication and integration of various applications and systems – both within the company and across companies. To ensure that you keep track despite abbreviations such as EDI, EAI, ESB, ETL / ELT, SOAP, SaaS, this website was created.

It presents the common concepts of electronic data integration as well as possible variants for their realization. gives you decision support where you and your company can best find what you need. You will also get to know different data formats or message standards and learn everything worth knowing about communication channels. To round it off, we will introduce you to application types that do not belong directly to the topic discussed here, but are frolicking in their environment.

Use EDI-WISSEN as a reference book! It is designed to provide administrators and IT teams with basic EDI knowledge and to make electronic data exchange as easy as possible.

Oh, and since you’ll notice anyway: In the articles are used for examples of the EDI products Lobster GmbH. The reason? Just look at the bottom right, on “A service of …” ;-).

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